Racescan-Genie software reduces betting risk, increases profits and finds horses fast to give you that winning edge.

PLEASE NOTE: Racescan Genie is no longer available. We would like to thank you for your interest and those who supported the software since we first launched it. A football program is in development and we will let you know about that when it is launched.

  Racescan Genie  

Welcome to Racescan-Genie.

This unique software allows you to search all the daily markets on the Betfair Race Card and make your selections from over 200 horses with 20,000 items of data to find that winning horse to match your strategy.

You Can..

  • Download data in seconds to create your own systems eg Lay, Back, Place, Dutch, jockey/trainer combinations - there are unlimited options
  • Take advantage of our easy-to-use templates to increase your winning chances
  • Customise the display for your own needs offering amazing flexibility
  • Export to excel for the serious punters for an even more detailed search facility to find that better match
  • Join a forum to discuss winning strategies
  • No contract involved

It Is....

  • Betfair approved
  • Very affordable! Only £20pm with a £10, 30-day trial
  • Time saving as data is downloaded in seconds so no need to browse through papers or websites
  • Efficient and effective

There's nothing quite like it and in the racing industry information is key to success so give yourself the edge by using the Genie software..


  • Check out the introductory video or watch the demonstration videos to see how the features work or down load the manual
  • Click on the subscription page and follow the login details with your Betfair account
  • Email confirmation and password is sent and you are ready to go ...


This software has been developed to assist anyone who searches for horses to bet on to find them fast.

Instead of studying the racing pages of newspapers or browsing through racing web sites or relying on tipping services use the facilities in the program to find what you want in seconds.

The software will download and have every item available on every Betfair race card and the built in filters allow you to search all of that data in seconds to find any item that you are looking for

You may create a system for example to find all odds on Favourites running in short races on firm ground with less than 9 runners who were 1st or 2nd last time out.

That might be a system to find selections to back or place.

An unlimited number of systems can be created and saved.

The software includes example systems and templates.

If you have purchased systems that require Betfair data which you would normally have to search for on the Betfair race cards you can program those requirements into the software and find the data immediately.

All data and every selection found can be exported to excel and if you are familiar with excel functions and macros you can create even more complex search criteria in excel and find those selections that meet even more demanding requirements.

Watch the introductory video to see what the software offers and watch the demonstration videos to see how to use all of the features.